• Poppy & Peonies Handbags

    I was gifted the Luna purse from Poppy and Peonies a little while ago, and it has easily become one of my favourites! The oval design of the purse makes it unique……

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  • Maxi Ruffle Floral Dress

    It has been a while since I had the chance to dress up and feel pretty. So, when I saw this dress on Shein, I knew I had to have it. The ruffles, the puff shoulder, and the beautiful floral pattern definitely got my attention……..

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  • How To Style Square Neck Tops

    My style would definitely have to be feminine, pink, soft and anything extra! It’s no secret I’ve been obsessed with puff sleeves since last year…. Throw in the new trend of square neck details and……

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  • How To Style A Floral Dress

    Spring is the definition of floral patterns and pretty dresses…although spring 2020 has not been the prettiest (to say the least) I decided to focus on brightening up my wardrobe either way…….

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  • DIY Feather Cuff Blouse

    I wanted to do a little DIY and make myself a feather cuff blouse. I actually saw a very similar top at Anne Taylor for $150 and that’s the SALE PRICE! I made my top for under $20……

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The girl behind the blog...

Get To Know Me

My name is Niki, I created this blog to share my ideas of looking stylish on a budget. I enjoy using high end fashion as inspiration when putting outfits together. I believe every woman is able to feel confident in what they are wearing regardless of their budget. Follow me and the ever changing world of fashion and I promise I’ll keep you stylish and on budget!

Always remember… it’s not about brand, it’s about style! 



In Person Shopping

Start with a 30 minute discussion about your style/needs, followed by a day of shopping based on your budget!

Online Shopping Guide

I will create an easy access shopping guide based on your budget, needs and personal style!

Closet Audit

I will go through your closet, clean it out and organize it to make picking outfits on a daily basis easier.

Brand Styling

Working closely with brands to style mannequins or photo shoots reflecting on the company's values and aesthetics.







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