5 Trendy Fall Essentials

Fashion is ever changing and that means every season there is always something new in style. I try not to jump right into a trend as it could only last a season. I use Pinterest and Instagram to see how it is styled and use it as inspiration.

This season I decided to invest (by invest I mean less than $60!) in 5 trendy pieces.


1.Camel coat: This coat will forever change your life! It can be worn with casual outfits or dressed up with heels. I found one from H&M . This one is for $80 dollars but I have found a few from Winners and Marshalls that go for $50-$60. Keep looking until you find one that fits your body best (pay close attention to the length and the fit).

2.Felt hat: If you haven’t purchased one, you need to do so! Felt hats will take any outfit from casual to street-style-chic. I love how they come in many different styles to match any face shape. If you’re up for the challenge head to the nearest Marshalls or Winners. They have an entire collection of them with great prices. If you already know what works best for you, here are some affordable options from Forever 21

3.Velvet : A new trend that has been around since last winter. This year I am starting to see it everywhere! I think velvet looks so luxurious when it is worn as a top or a dress. I bought a beautiful velvet body suit from one of my favourite stores Urban Planet for only $12! If you’re afraid of really jumping into this trend, a velvet choker will also do!

4.Metallic: Yes this is a trend and yes I am in love! I have been looking around for a metallic cami to wear under my see-through sweaters(still no luck!). I have also ordered chrome nailpolish from aliexpress  (I will write a review once I get it!). So whether your personality is bold enough for metallic pants or you rather have a hint of it under your sweater be sure to include it in your fall/winter wardrobe!

5.Over The Knee Boots: So I have to admit I was on the fence about this trend, especially because I am short. But, after seeing it continuously be a trend for two years in a row, I decided to purchase a pair. Here is an affordable option from Urban Planet 

I would love to see how you would style these fall essentials. Tag me in your posts using #StyleNotBrand

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, its about how you style it!




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