Year Of Accessorizing

Happy New Year Beautiful Souls!

Wohoo we have made it to the promising year of 2017 and now it’s almost February (where does the time go?!). This year I decided I’m going to focus on accessorizing my outfits in order to save money. You can always dress up an old outfit or get into a new trend by accessorizing. An example would be instead of buying a new velvet top, you can buy a simple velvet choker to accent your look.

So I decided to make a post about my favourite places to purchase rings that are affordable but will also last (I hate it when rings tarnish and turn my fingers green).


H&M: I love H&M dainty rings. They also have statement rings that are perfect for a night out. I’ve link some here and here.

*H&M rings are made out of cheap material, so I protect them by using clear nail polish. I linked the one I use here. After purchasing the rings, I coat them with clear nail polish and let it dry. Then repeat with the other side (don’t forget, the INSIDE of the ring is also important or else your fingers will still turn green). I promise you this will keep your rings from tarnishing and lasts for a good couple of months, maybe even a year if you take good care of them!

Aldo: I loveee that Aldo has a 14K/Silver Plated collection now! Yes it is a bit more expensive but paying the extra money guarantees that your rings will stay in good condition for year onward. The rings also come with a little pouch to make sure they stay in good condition! Aldo is always having sales as well so check frequently and you won’t have to pay full price! I linked some here and here.

Accessorize: Although this store is mainly in Europe, I love their accessories! Similar to Aldo they have a line of 14K rings and I bought one when I travelled to Italy 2 years ago and it still shines like the first day. They also have amazing sales. I linked some of my favourite ones here and here.

Ardene: Ardene is my favourite boho-chic-festival vibe accessories store. This will be perfect for the summer time. They have a ton of boho style rings and they also have a “glam” section with sparkly rings and bracelets (linked here). Although you have to make sure to protect them using clear nail polish (same process as the H&M ones).

Swarovski: This will be the more expensive place, however if you’re willing to splurge a little, Swarovski can come a long way. If you’re looking for a statement ring or something different, that’s your place! I have purchased a few rings for my mom from there and they are so beautiful and sparkly.  I linked some that are on sale here, here and here.

Do you know any other shops that sell affordable yet good quality rings? Let me know in the comments below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!



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