Spring Beauty Review

Spring time means changing routines, waking up early, enjoying the sun and being able to look cute and put together again (for the last 4 months I’ve been rocking hat hair and thick layers). 
One of the things I enjoy about spring is going back to my regular make up routine.  Since during winter I usually just wear mascara or no make-up at all.

With that said, I’m not a crazy make up girl. I can say I’ve only been to Sephora once (shocking, I know! ). I just got so overwhelmed and left the store after 10 seconds lol

However, that didn’t stop me from hunting for good quality make up and at a reasonable price. I  decided to try H&M, I love their clothes why not try their make up! Annndddd drum roll please…. I’m in love! Especially with the shimmery eye shadows. I’m currently using Chin Chin and Gala Gown. I’ll do a follow up post showing you some of my make up looks!   

(not my picture)

I also love NYX. I have been wearing their “Ibiza” matte lipstick since the summer time; it’s my absolute go-to colour. I have a few of their shadows and even after a year they are still soft and useable!

(not my picture)

Another brand I’m into these days is ELF, however  I have to say I tried using their under eye concealer and I wasn’t too impressed so I was iffy about using their primer but I did my research and heard so many good things. I love how smooth it is while giving my foundation a matte look and making it last longer.  

(not my picture)

For under eye concealer I actually use Maybelline. It does cover for most parts, however these days I’m needing A WHOLE lot of coverage between working 9-5 and then blogging 5-12 am lol (the struggle is real people). So I’m on a hunt for a new concealer! If you have any suggestions comment below!

Update: my friend promised to walk me through Sephora to help take the anxiety away so I will create a part 2 about my finds!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!




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