Summer Purse

Am I the only crazy person who has “winter” and “summer” bags? I love switching up purses throughout the seasons. I usually go for darker colours, fur, and leather bags for the winter and detailed, light colours for the summer. I also love using my purse as a statement piece for an outfit.

I love the new “city” style bags with the handle on top and purses that have detailing!

I have picked out a few affordable summer purses:

This gold clutch is sooo pretty and luxurious for the price. It is neutral which will go with every outfit.

This purse is definitely a statement piece. I love the little flower detailing and they can be your pop of colour! Linked here

 I love a classic white purse. Perfect for the summer to freshen up any outfit!

Can we talk about this purse? The mesh detailing is so perfect for the summer time and the handle gives it such a city-chic vibe. I am in LOVE!

 I also find that Winners and Marshalls will often have statement bags, so if you’re looking for something unique check those places as well!

 Remember to look for something that has unique details (buckles, florals, etc), see through detailing (mesh, clear) or a pop of colour!

Do you switch your purses between summer and winter? Comment below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!



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