Bedroom Reveal

Only 10 months later and I am FINALLY done my bedroom! Well… I still need to change the light fixture to a chandelier but other than that, ALL  D O N E.. YASSSSS! I am so excited to share this as it has been a working progressing for so long (especially trying to find decorations for my shelves).  I have also included a DIY and you’ll see the biggest mistake I made! Basically everything you see has been bought from Homesense and Ikea.

My favourite part of my room has to be the shelf and the gallery wall.              

So, yes that a custom made sign! The eyelash poster is also custom made by the sweetest girl WrittenByLisa . She creates custom made signs, cards,  and anything else calliagraphy you can think of!

And here is the office manager, hard at work…heheh

Little secret: I keep my hair styling stuff in that cute little box so it looks clean and organized. I also spray painted my garbage bin that I picked up from Homesene! 

So if you didn’t guess it yet, the gold shelf was my DIY project. I found this link and followed exactly what they said. I just didn’t do the marble shelves. However, the biggest mistake that I did do which you can kind of see it in the photos, is that I sprayed the shelves in winter. Do N O T do that! It didn’t dry properly and the finish wasn’t as nice as I would have liked it to be. The best time would be spring, or fall or end of summer so it’s not too cold or too hot.

How cute is this card that I framed? The rabbit is actually made after me! One of my best friends creates hand-made cards and the cutest fashionable mousies. You can follow her work here.

This is also a special piece as it was made by a friend for me. I love the idea of a shadow box and she included all the things that represent me. Apple for being a teacher, I’m always a dreamer (hence the clouds and “follow your heart”). Money to represent luck, flowers to represent our friendship. The map shows how I love to travel and the three flowers in the middle represent my family (I’m an only child). I actually cried when I received that as a birthday gift. 

I picked up this coat hanger from Homesense and used it to hang my purses and hats!

I hope you enjoyed my bedroom reveal. I worked really hard to make it represent me (the grown up version haha). I also took change to represent a new chapter of my life of blogging and being a teacher.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite part is!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!




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