Gifts That Give Back

Holidays are all about being cheerful and spreading love. The stress of gift giving can sometimes ruin this special time as we all rush to get everything done while thinking of what to get each person. I personally love gift giving and seeing a smile on the persons face after opening the present just makes my day!
Last year I decided to create a gift guide for items that gives back. I personally love a thoughtful gift and one that continues to give back. It makes gift giving that much more special. Although some items may seem more expensive, think about the proceeds that will go towards a charity or a cause. I’ve linked the list I made last year here.

I’ve created a new list with the items that I’m currently loving:

1. The Giving Keys

If you’re not familiar with The Giving Keys you are in for a treat! They have a variety of styles and metal colours. Each key comes with a message (you can even create your own!) hand crafted by a person who is homeless. Through the cause, they are able to use the money towards college classes or other training programs to further build their life!

2. BootayBagThis is a subscription that’s perfect for any girl because lets be real who doesn’t love new undies every month? You can also pick the type (full, thong or mix!) and you’re good to go. For $12 a month you get 2 undies! Also, with every hashtag  #undermatters BootayBag will donate a $1 to Melanoma Foundation.

3.ME to We

This one touches close to my heart. The items from Me To We help people in third world countries build stable and thriving communities to help them support themselves. I personally LOVE their dainty bracelets. They even have gifts for guys and stocking stuffers.

4.Aldo Shoes

Yaaaaas!! Cute running shoes AND they give back! The net proceeds of the Aldo Mx sneakers will help those most at risk get access to education.

5. Diff Eye Wear

Not only are they affordable sunglasses, but with every purchase of sunglasses, Diff Eye Wear will donate one pair of reading glasses to those in need. They also have a variety of styles to choose from!

There you have it…my top 5 gift ideas that are not only thoughtful, but also give back to those in need!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!





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