February Inspiration

For this month I wanted to keep it short and sweet (like meeeeee! Hahah). As I continue to struggle to keep up with my healthy habits, I want to change my focus on “doing everything with LOVE”. As I want to start thinking more positively (e.g. “YAY I went to the gym 3 times this” week versus “I went to the gym ONLY 3 times this week, it should’ve been 5”). This way of thinking takes time and effort, as I have to shift the way I talk to myself.  So that why I chose that quote for this month!

As for fashion inspiration: details, details, details!

I find myself gearing towards blouses, tops and jeans that have little details like embellishment, or pearls. Those jeans actually belong to my mother, but I have linked a similar pair of jeans here.

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day as I think we should celebrate love with one another on a daily basis, however I’m all about pretty lace details. So this month buy yourself a pretty little bralette and wear it with your baggy sweaters. I love wearing something sexy when no one knows, it makes me feel good!

Since life got busy, I wasn’t able to create a post about graphic tees, so here is my second promise that it will be coming soon!

I would love to hear what your inspirations are for this month. Comment below and let me know!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!



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