April Inspiration

 April Inspiration

Although the weather in Toronto hasn’t been very “spring” like, my wardrobe begs to differ. I actually started putting my sweaters away because I refuse to give into mother nature, haha.

This month I’m all about the retro-Miami-vintage fashion! I started watching Mad Men again and have become obsessed with the all the outfits (can we go back to dressing like the 1950’s?). Below are some pictures from Pinterest that I’ve found inspiration from.

[easy-image-collage id=1772]

Although these pictures are stunning, it’s hard to dress like that on a daily basis. Sooo, I’m showing you how to bring the retro vibes into your every day style! These items are perfect for spring and summer; especially at the beach or a European vacation. I will go through each item and link some similar ones (click on the pictures for the direct link).

Boater Hat
I’ve been on a hunt for a boater hat since last year. I ordered one from ASOS and found it to be too big so I ended up cutting around the edges but I still didn’t love it. I found this one from Marshalls! Since I can’t link my exact one, here are some similar ones:

Floral Headband
This floral headband is so chic and its giving me all the retro vibes. It’s perfect for the beach or an everyday style (mix it in with a messy braid and you’re set!). You can even use a scarf as a headband. I will be doing a blog post on how you can use your headband different ways, so stay tuned for that. Here are some headbands I’m loving:

Retro Sunglasses

If anything screams retro, it has to be these sunglasses. Adding a pair of retro sunglasses to any outfit instantly gives you a vintage vibe. I’m thinking of purchasing a white and red one as well! These are some of my favorites:


Hair Accessories
I tried really hard not to fall for the scrunchie fad but I couldn’t help but notice how it doesn’t dent my hair. It also looks so cute with a messy bun! (Let’s be real, the 10 year old me is screaming on the inside…hahah). I’m also loving other detailed hair accessory like pretty headbands or bows for spring, especially when you do a messy braid!


When you’re going for that retro vibe pick out a bold-bright-statement earrings to complete your look.  If these earrings don’t scream vintage fashion then I don’t know what does! Can you believe those are from Ardene? I loveeee the pearl details and can’t wait to wear these on the beach or a warm summer night out.  Here are some earrings I’m loving:

Straw/Plastic Bags
Another way to bring in the vintage look is through a straw or plastic hand bag. My grandmother actually brought back a similar plastic bag for my mom when she was travelling around Europe! (Fashion really doesss go through a cycle!). I also love any straw bag I can get my hands on as they are so perfect for day time or night time. They also add a chic Miami vibe to any outfit. I couldn’t find any affordable plastic bags but here are some straw bags:

Linen Shirt
How can we talk about vintage fashion without a stripped shirt? Such an iconic look to have it tied on top of a one piece bathing suit! HM has so many affordable ones and in many different colours, I’ve linked some here:

There it is, all the items to help you bring that retro vibe into your every day style!
What’s your favourite era of fashion? Comment below and let me know!


Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!





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