Tweed Jacket

My love for tweed jackets are so real right now that I had to do a proper blog post, instead of a Fashion Friday segment. They are the perfect statement jacket to dress up any outfit(bonus: they even keep you warm! Haha).
 I love how they look city-chic with a pony tail and jeans, and dressed up with a fitted dress. Either way, I would look into purchasing a tweed jacket as a staple item for years to come. They will continue to be a classic piece since they give off the Chanel-esque vibe and lets be honest… anything Chanel is always a classic.
Although mine has more of a layered look, I would suggest buying one that has a straight cut for a classic look. Also, don’t be afraid of investing in one that has some spring colours in it(used it as your “pop of colour”)!
Here are some ways you can style it:
1.T shirt and jeans, even a graphic tee will look cute with it!
Fitted dress
Wide leg pants and fitted top/crop top
I’ve also linked a couple of affordable tweed jackets for you below. My favourite has to be the last one from Forever 21. I love that it has some spring colours and it is straight cut, perfecting for layering!

However you decide to style it, make sure you wear a fitted top as the tweed is a bit of a heavier material.

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!




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