Viviscal Gorgeous Growth

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with voluminous hair and with my Persian background, I’ve got lots of hair to give me the luscious curls I always dream of. Howeverrrr in order to get my hair looking full at the top, I have to use hair spray, dry shampoo and texturizing spray. My hair tends to stick to my scalp and needs a lot of teasing to make it look full.

I’m always searching to finding a shampoo that would help lift my hair and allow my natural hair to look fuller. I recently got the opportunity to try the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth as a PR gift from The Publicist Group and ended up loving it! I have to say I’m usually very skeptical about trying beauty items that promise “fuller” anything! But this shampoo and conditioner definitely did not fail me.
The first week I started noticing how my hair is light and fluffy without any extra products. Following that, I was noticing more hair in the areas where I was losing hair (due to too much hairspray and such). After 4 weeks it has become part of my weekly routine. I also really like how the conditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down but still does the job of making my hair smooth and soft. I even got my mom to try it out as she has very fine hair. I will update this post in about a month from her reviews and what she thinks of it! Below are the links to shop the shampoo and conditioner.



Is there a trick you have for fuller looking hair? Comment below and let me know!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!




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