Sun Flower Fields

I have to say, I was taken back more by this place than the lavender fields. I always found sunflowers so beautiful and not only for their bright yellow colours, but also because they represent “friendship”. When you’re in a sea of them, it’s hard not to feel their beauty and all that they represent.
However, not everyone is able to be respectful of nature and all it has to offer. Boggle Seed farm has been shut down until further notice due to the chaos it has caused by visitors. When I found that out, I was outright disappointed in humanity. We are already taking so much away from our beautiful planet… is there anything we can admire without destruction?
I think this was a wake up lesson for me and many bloggers out there and our roles as influencers. We are not here just to share beautiful places but to encourage everyone to also be respectful of nature.
Although there are other sunflower fields (Davis Feed and Farm) I encourage all of us to remember to be kind to nature and really take in the beauty!
Also, we can’t forget about some fashion tips: Wear a dress. It’s just so beautiful with all the sunflowers and wear colours that compliment yellow like red,white, orange, or pink! A straw hat is always a cute final touch as well! 
I have linked some red dresses below if you’re planning on going next year!

 I hope that if you do decide to go next year, you remember to take in all the beauty. The flowers only bloom for 2 weeks so make plans ahead of time and try going during the weekday to avoid high traffic!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!



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