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There’s been a lot of buzz around microneedling and its benefits for glowing and youthful skin. I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with TSC to try the GloPRO® LIP Edition microneedling tool bundle! If you’re not familiar with TSC, they are a Canadian retailer focusing on fashion, beauty and home. You can visit their website here. They offer brand names with daily specials! One of their beauty brand is “Beauty Bioscience” which is the creator of GloPRO®. Beauty Bioscience has been featured in Vogue, Allure and The New York Times for their beauty products.
 It is Beauty Bioscience’s one year anniversary at TSC and to celebrate, they are offering a limited edition GloPRO® LIP edition Microneedling Regeneration Tool bundle (linked here). The offer goes live at 10 PM EST on Friday August 24th!
So, if you’re wondering.. what is microneedling? It is a tool that has tiny little needles which stimulates the skin to use its own collagen for glowing skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. The GloPRO®LIP edition microneedling tool bundle includes an additional head to be used around the lips.

My First Impression
The video of me trying the GloPRO® for the first time is saved on my Instagram Highlights linked here. The process was not painful and I only felt it the most on my forehead. Afterwards my face was a bit red but went away after I put on my serum and moisturizer. I ended up going out for coffee 10 minutes after, and my friend commented on how my skin is glowing and I was shocked to hear that! She also had no idea that I just used the GloPRO®! So I was very impressed after my first try.
How to Use ItI began by washing my face using the PH balancing cleanser by Beauty Bioscience. I like that it clears off most of my make up without irritating my eyes. I wear contacts so I’m always conscious of my cleansers and make up removers.
Next, I used the GloPRO®  skin prep pads. They are similar to a toner to remove any remaining make up while prepping the skin.
Then I used the regular Microtip attachment head to go over my face, and used the Lip attachment for my lip and chin area. You are to go over the desired areas in different directions (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) repeating it 3-4 times.
Once I was all done, I put my serum on followed by my moisturizers.
Two Weeks Update
 I have used the GloPRO® for two weeks now, 4 times all together. What I noticed the most is how my skin feels the next day. It feels so soft and I can definitely see the glow. I also noticed the fine lines on my forehead are more filled in and less noticeable than before. I am going to continue to use it for another 3 weeks and write a 1 month update on this blog post.

Don’t forget that the lip attachment is a special edition and available through TSC, I have linked it here. If you have any other questions, don’t be shy to email me or message me on Instagram! I love hearing from my followers.

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

*This post has been created in sponsorship with TSC, however the opinions expressed and results are my own and not those of TSC*





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