Creative Project

This began as a creative project for me to be behind the camera for once. My best friend always wanted to do a shoot at Rattle Snake Point and I finally convinced her to let me some pictures of her. However, as soon as I saw her outfits, my alter ego decided to wake up. I’ve always been into the moody, edgy fashion but since my theme is more bright and pretty, that side of me has been hidden for a while. Little did I know, this day would become more meaningful than expected.
Couple of months ago I ended my relationship and although I’ve been private about it, I decided to share my story because it’s the past that pushes us to grow. I learned many things about myself throughout the last 4 years, but I started to notice that a little bit of me was lost and I was no longer growing with that person anymore. I wasn’t happy and I had to learn to put myself first, which is something I need to improve on. The surprising part was how happy and free I felt after.. did I also feel guilty? I absolutely did and it was killing me to know someone else was hurting because of me, but I knew I could no longer be a good partner if I wasn’t in it 100%.
Taking pictures up high with the big rocks surrounding me, brought out the Niki that has been hidden for the last few years. Although these pictures are not my typical Instagram pictures, I have to say I’m ready to bring a bit of edgy and moodiness to the blog. This also represents my take on life as I want to focus on growing my blog and putting myself first. I’m going to use this time to live my best life and not care about the little details or what the future holds but to live in the moment and enjoy it before the wrinkles starts to kick in haha.

                    Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!


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