How To Style Floral Pants

Since last year I became obsessed with patterned dress pants, especially floral ones! I love that the floral details give it a spring feeling and they can be the statement to your outfit. They are also so easy to style: plain long top, t shirt, sweater or even a blouse! 
I often go with a neutral (white, cream or black) to complement the pants or pull a colour from one of the floral details. I used the light pink shade in my shoes rather than wearing nude shoes.
I especially love wearing mine with runners for a casual look or dresses up with pretty heels. If your pants has lighter colours, I suggest going for white runner. If you have black floral details go for vans for black chucks! 

Here is some inspo I found via Pinterest:

Floral pants can be used as a statement piece in your outfit while everything else can be minimalistic. I love the way some of the girls paired it with a leather jacket or a simple cardigan as a transition piece!
I found my pretty floral patterned pants on ASOS last year, however I linked some similar ones below:

Since the floral pants are the wow factor of the outfit, I suggest going simple with the accessories. I wore small pearl earrings and a basket bag to give it all the spring feels.

How do you like to style your floral pants? Comment below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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