The Feather Trend

One of the newest trends that I have been noticing are feathers! After all, we are back in the roaring 20’s, so it seems fitting to have that trend come back around! Whenever a new style starts to show up, I often try not to go crazy and get too many items since it is a TREND, and may not last too many seasons. However, I am totally a fan of a feather purse, or a classic dress with a hint of feathers at the bottom. I think those are pieces which you can continue to wear long after the style has gone. Since this past summer, I have been on the hunt for the perfect feather purse and fell in love with this one.
The purse also comes with a pearl handle…CAN IT BE ANY CUTER?!? I don’t think so!! There’s also a longer gold chain attached if you prefer to wear it longer. This purse is small enough for evenings and weekends, but big enough to fit your phone and a small wallet, it’s just featherificcccccc!! [Seeeeee what I did there.. haha]
I have also been getting lots of inspiration from Shae, check our her Christmas and birthday dress with the feather details.. is that not to die for? The black pants are also such a statement! However, I feel like she is the only one who can pull those off and still look so chic! 
I also decided to do a little DIY and make my own feather cuffed blouse. Feather details can easily be added to your heels as well! Once you buy the feather trim, you can attack it to a shoe clip and VOLA! 
Adding a feather detail brings a glam touch to your outfits, however try not to over do it. I personally like to keep a dress or blouse simple if it has feathers and also not over do it with accessories. This way you can stay classy, sassy and glam!
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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