6 Fashion DYIs

As most of us are under quarantine right now, I know we are all trying to create some sort of schedule and add in activities to keep sane. I’m not sure if you’re the same, but so far I have had days were I’m super productive and other days I watched 6 hours of TV lol. My friends and I are always sharing new craft ideas and things to do, as it helps keep you busy and get you moving from that couch potato state.
I recently purchased copic markers and I’m excited to dig deep into colouring and doing some DIYs! So I thought what better way than to share some fashion related DIYs that can easily be done with items you already have or can easily be purchased from Walmart (of course I recommend purchasing it when you’re there for other necessities).
So let’s get to it! Here are 6 fashion DIYs that can easily be done at home!
1.Ripped Jeans & Shorts
You can take this time and turn an old pair of jeans into ripped jeans or shorts! One of my favourite pair of ripped jeans is the ones that I did myself. I simply got a pair from Zara (linked similar here) and then got my mom to draw lines on the parts you want to cut (usually on the knees, on the thigh and then under the knees on the opposite side). Make sure you also use fabric scissors and not just craft scissors. If you’re thinking of cutting them into shorts, first cut longer and then trim as you go. I also found two videos to show you step by step for both: Ripped Jeans and jeans into shorts.

2.Feather Sleeve Blouse
Feather details are starting to show up everywhere, and I especially love sleeves with feathers! However I noticed how expensive those blouses are. So I decided to do a little DIY myself! [detailed step by step on that link!] I bought the blouse from Shein (linked here) and feathers from aliexpress. Although I know they are probably not shipping the feathers right now, I’m sure you are able to find similar ones from Walmart! I decided to sew three rows on the sleeves instead of using hot glue! This way I can always take it off once feathers are no longer a trend. However if you’re unsure about sewing them, hot glue will also do the job!

3.Tie Dye Lounge Wear
The tie dye trend made its way back last summer and I was definitely not here for it, however after seeing the soft, pretty pastel colours I became a fan! I love all the lounge wear I’ve been seeing with the tie dye details. So why not make your own? Tie dye is super easy to do and you can do it with a t shirt, sweat pants or joggers!I have linked an easy video on creating pastel colour tie dye here.

4.Tie Dye Headband
As most of you know, I am definitely a headband queen! I think they are so cute and a life saver when it comes to bad hair days! This tutorial is super easy and it also has that tie dye look! I love how the design can be anything you want!

5.Tube Top
With summer just around the corner, why not attempt to make this cute little ruffle tube top! You can use an old t shirt as your first try and then even make it tie dye! The steps are easy to follow but you do need some sewing skills!

6. Tassel Shoe Laces
These little tassel shoe laces are to die for!! They are so perfect for spring & summer time! Although I find that the steps are a little bit more complicated as you need certain materials, it can definitely be used as a challenge!

I hope you’re able to try one of these DIYs! Make sure to share your end products with me via social media and let me know any other little projects you are into!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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