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This year has thrown us for a curve none of us saw coming, 2020 will definitely go down as the year of change, growth, and a whole new reality. I know personally for me it was a big transition as I enjoy socializing with friends and family.
Although the first couple of weeks were hard trying to adjust to staying home, especially with all my family members being at home too. I learned to cope through learning new hobbies. As seen on social media, many of us got into cooking, cleaning, and colouring. I found puzzles and colouring really helped me with the anxiety of the unknown. Since the pandemic, I’ve made lifestyle changes and it has definitely been for the better.
I’ve learned to let go, let go of trying to always plan life.. because sometimes things just don’t go that way. I’ve learned to slow down; I was always that go-go kind of girl, with 2-3 jobs at a time, staying up late to write blog posts. It’s been nice taking things slow, and actually enjoying the little moments in life.

I’ve learned to be more creative; spending time doing puzzles and colouring has shown me other ways of being creative rather than always focusing on the blog. It is also soothing and therapeutic for me. I often find myself colouring on Sundays to reset for the week ahead.
I started to care less about going out; for some reason I don’t have a desire to go out to eat or go to a bar. I’ve really enjoyed making food with my boyfriend at home and having backyard parties with close friends.
Throughout the social changes of 2020, I also found myself learning so much about our world that otherwise I would’ve not been educated on. I spend some time every week to learn more about BLM, human trafficking, and other social injustice issues. By educating myself, I also learn more about how I can become more involved through donating, sharing resources, etc.
Another big change in my life has been my shopping habits; I started to realize how little I need to truly be happy. I started purchasing items that are a staple rather than a statement. I also shop less, and make a list of what I really need.
With that said, let’s talk about Chicwish for a second. I’ve come to love Chicwish since last year. They have high quality garments, with an affordable price tag. I also love that they carry so many different staple items. I was sent this dress from Chicwish and I have to say it’s the perfect summer dress! It has linen material which means it’s perfect for the hot weather. It has an open back detail that adjustable and you can tie it into a bow! I also love the pattern, it is subtle but so beautiful.
Whats your favourite pattern for summer? Comment below and let me know!
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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