Summer of Picnics

This summer has definitely been one for the books with the different Covid restrictions that are in place. I personally decided to stay away from indoor dinning and enjoy having picnics instead! The fun thing bout picnics is that you can do it anywhere and still social distance! Organizing a picnic also encouraged me to plan more road trips to explore Ontario.
While it’s nice and easy to throw a blanket in the car and make a cold cut sandwich, nothing speaks to me more than a picnic party! My close blogger friends and I (Kait, Charlene, and Maria) teamed up with Ashlee from Just Graze, Paulina & Stef from Its My Sister’s Décor, XOXO Wine, and Aneta from Pink Pample Mousse to host a picnic party.
What we loved the most was that we didn’t have to worry about the set up, asking each other for food allergies, or planning who’s bringing what….all we had to do was to show up! I absolutely love this idea for a bachelorette, a bridal, or a birthday party! The set up is so dreamy and comfortable. There were lots of cushions for us to lounge on while we had the most beautiful set up.
Ashlee (Just Graze) took our picnic to the next level with her charcuterie board! I mean just look at it, how is your mouth not watering!! It was so hard for us not to eat before taking picture. However, we waited it out and everything was still fresh afterwards and that speaks highly on the quality of food!
What I loved most about her board was the variety. She included so many different things from figs, to olives, to a variety of cheese, bread, and crackers that you were constantly trying new things. The girls and I absolutely devoured that board and  even wanted more of the bread that she had on there. I cannot begin to explain how beautifully delicious everything was!
As they always say, a picnic is not a picnic without some wine! So we enjoyed some XOXO wines, my favourite was the “Rasberry Rhubarb” as it had a sweet taste to it.We also cannot forget to mentione the beautiful flowers that were put together by Aneta (Pink Pample Mousse). She created the most romantic flower bouquets that made our picnic so dreamy.
Then, once we were done, Stef & Paulia (Its My Sisters Décor) came and cleaned up everything! We also got to social distance hang out with Stef, Paulina, and Ashlee, and they were the sweetest! If you’re looking into hosting a picnic party, these girls are it!
The dreamy set up that made you feel like you were on vacation, to the delicate food that was set up for royalty, and the beautiful bouquet that gave it the luxury vibe, with the delicious wine made it the best picnic ever. The girls and I were so thankful of the opportunity and I don’t think I can do a picnic any other way now! It was so easy to set up, we told them how many people, the location and time. then we showed up to the beautiful set up and all we had to do was dine, and wine!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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