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This summer I definitely fell in love with picnics, 2 piece sets, tie dye sets, and.. LEMON PRINTS! I absolutely love how lemon prints reminds me of Italy… the fashion, the food, the streets. Every time I wear a lemon print, I secretly pretend I’m walking down a cute little alley way in Amalfi Coast. I know lemon prints can seem a little busy to some people, but I see it as your statement piece.
Once you have that print on, everything else can be minimal! I also love how easy you can match white and yellow tones with it to make it really pop. This lemon print linen dress has been one of my go-to summer dresses. In addition to the maxi style, it has the cutest front button details that gives it a vintage vibe. It is also really light material and comfy.
I decided to go with straw accessories to give it that European style.  I also skipped wearing a belt as I felt like it was a little too much with the buttons.  I added some yellow to the outfit with my sandals and kept my purse neutral. I have linked my exact dress and sandals below, similar headband and purse.

But wait, I didn’t stop there! I also purchased a lemon print top because.. why not?! With that beautiful print I’ll take whatever they have! Hahah
The top has the cutest little ruffle details and it matches perfectly with white trousers, shorts, and skirt! It is stretchy at the back which makes it easy to wear and you can get away with wearing a strapless bra! In the spring you can also wear it with jeans and a simple white cardigan for a pretty spring look.
I absolutely love the two lemon print items that I got. I have linked the top below and  added a crop top and a matching skirt in case you’re feeling a little lemon print crazy like I was!

Do you love lemon print like I do? Comment below and let me know! 
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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