How To Style Pleated Skirts In The Winter 

I absolutely love pleated skirts for spring, summer, and fall; however, they can be a little tricky to style for winter. One way of styling a pleated skirt is with knee-high boots to keep you warm. I personally prefer suede over leather as it gives it a softer feminine look. If you are pairing it with leather boots, make sure your skirt doesn’t have a sheen to it as the two textures can make it look cheap. Depending on the length of your skirt, you can also wear tights underneath with short booties!
If you want to dress up your pleated skirt, match it with a pair of pumps with an opaque pantyhose. However; I suggest you keep your skirt and sweater monochrome to ensure your silhouette is balanced!
As for the top, I like adding a belt when I pair my skirt with a sweater. Since most sweaters can be chunky, adding a belt emphasizes your waist and creates an hourglass illusion. You can also add your belt under the sweater like below: 
I wore my pleated skirt with an off-the-shoulder sweater and tucked it in to create less bulk around my hip area. I kept my outfit balanced by going for neutral leopard heels that were similar in shade to my skirt. I have linked my outfit here:

I have written a full review of my FSJ shoes here. If you’re looking to match your skirt with something less bulky go for a slim turtle neck. It will keep you chic and warm! Whether you are wearing knee-highs or booties, a sweater tucked in or out, always ensure your outfit is emphasizing your best features!
Adding a belt always elevates an outfit. Don’t be scared to mix in textures when it comes to your top and bottom, however; keep in mind the texture of your boots and skirt! You can also try adding a blazer for a more feminine look!
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!

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