How To Style White Dresses

It’s no surprise I’m in love with white dresses, they come in so many different styles and fabrics that I can never have enough! Since last year they have become a staple in my closet. However, I know many of you hesitate to purchase white dresses as you cannot wear them to some events like bridal showers and weddings. So I’m here to give you a list of place you CAN wear white dresses and how to style them!
You can wear a pretty flowy white dresses during day trips and outings. I especially love doing this when going for walks by the water, or downtown for the day. A pretty white dress for day time is my all time favourite! It can easily be dressed up with wedges or heels for a fancy brunch, or dressed down with a straw hat and sandals.
You can also style your white dress with a patterned scarf, by tying it around your neck, waist (if it goes with the style of the dress) or wrist.
Here are some of my favourite white dresses I own and how I styled them:
1. Ruffle Dress: I decided to bring in hot pink shoe as an accent for this dress. I kept all of my other accessories neutral to really bring out the shoes. The dress is from Chicwish and linked here.

2. Tie Up Dress: with this dress I decided to place the emphasis on the tie-up details and pair it with a simple wicker bag and mules. Ive linked this dress here.
3.Floral Print:  this dress screams tea party, so I threw on my heels and tassel earrings to complete the look.
Simple White: I layered this white dress with a denim shirt to give it a different look. I also threw on my espadrilles for a casual-cute vibe.
I especially love lace dresses and ones with pretty ruffle details. They are elegant and easy to style. I have linked some of my favourite white dresses below for you to shop:

Do you usually stay away from white dresses or have a collection of them? Let me know below!
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!



Straw Bag

As the summer is starting to come around (hopefully), I love changing up my accessories. I like adding statement earrings, espadrilles and most importantly straw bags to my wardrobe. Straw or rattan bags always complete any outfit for me. I love that most of them are neutral and easily match with any outfit. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes which can also makes it a fun statement piece! The texture of the bag gives any outfit a spring or summer vibe.
The bags are also versatile and can be used as a beach bag or an everyday bag! Here is some outfit inspiration from Pinterest on how to style them:


 My favourite place to find straw bags would have to be Zara, as they always have a variety of styles. Winners and Marshalls are also another great place as they are also affordable.  H&M carries some straw bag for their summer collection that are cute and on budget! I especially love the ones that have details like a cherry or tassel! I have created this list below to share some of my favorites and the links are at the bottom:


The links are from left to the right:
1. H&M scarf straw bag 2. H&M cherry straw bag 3. H&M plastic handle bag
1. Zara green bag 2. H&M ruffle straw bag  3.Black straw bag
1. Zara straw bag 2. Zara leather bag 3.H&M round straw bag

Do you also have an obsession with straw bags? Do you prefer to use it as a purse or a beach bag?
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!



How To Style Espadrilles

After mules, espadrilles are my most loved shoes for spring and summer! I love how they come in a variety of styles (tie up ones, flat ones, wedges, and slip ons). There is a variety of them linked here. They are also easy to style from dresses to jeans and everything else in between. In this post I’m going to focus on the wedge style espadrilles. I recently bought mine from Aldo, linked here. It comes in a black and denim as well. If you don’t have a pair of them, I suggest going for the neutrals so you can style them with more outfits.
The wedge style definitely dresses up a casual outfit while still being comfortable. I especially love the tie up details on the ones from Aldo. The laces can be tied in the front or back depending on your outfit.
How To Style Espadrilles
1.Jeans: throw on a tee or a pretty blouse and pair your jeans with espadrilles for a city chic look. Espadrilles definitely dress up this casual look.
2.Skirt: whether it’s a mini, maxi or midi, any skirt will match with the espadrilles
3. Cropped pants: Wide leg cropped pants can also be paired with espadrilles. They will dress up the pants for the perfect weekend look
4. Dress: I loveeee wearing my espadrilles with a flowy sundress, it is so feminine! You can also wear it with a tighter dress for a sexy night time outfit.
Here is some style inspiration I found on Pinterest on how to style your espadrilles.


What’s your favourite way of styling espadrilles? Let me know in the comments below!


Mules For Spring

In the last couple of years, mules have become a hot spring trend, starting from the 70’s vibes from two years ago to the to the 90’s (which is the trend for this spring). At first I wasn’t too excited about them since there wasn’t a variety of styles and I had a hard time picturing myself wearing them.
However, this year I finally gave in and bought myself a pair! (YAY Aldo for carrying size 5). After reviewing all the styles they had and ordering 5 different ones, I decided to keep this one. But, I was still unsure of how I would wear the mules to match my personal style. So,  I used Pinterest and created a mood board for myself! 


How To Style Mules
This mood board gave me all the inspirations of how I can style mules different ways and I’ve broken it down:
1. Ripped jeans and a tee or blouse 
2. Denim skirt (black, white or denim) with a tee
3. Flowy skirt with a crop top
4. Wrap dress, or a dress that’s flowy at the bottom
5. Wide leg cropped pants and a top
I decided to style mine with ripped jeans, and a pretty blouse. I finished the look with a leather jacket and a knot headband. I’ve linked similar items below and my exact mules from Aldo:

I love how these ones have the straps for an edgier look and the suede material makes it look more luxurious. The straps are also more flattering for petite frame. The thick heel on the mule is super comfortable to wear and it is not too high!
Are you a fan of mules and do you like them as flats or heels? Comment below and let me know! 

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!
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How To Style Floral Pants

Since last year I became obsessed with patterned dress pants, especially floral ones! I love that the floral details give it a spring feeling and they can be the statement to your outfit. They are also so easy to style: plain long top, t shirt, sweater or even a blouse! 
I often go with a neutral (white, cream or black) to complement the pants or pull a colour from one of the floral details. I used the light pink shade in my shoes rather than wearing nude shoes.
I especially love wearing mine with runners for a casual look or dresses up with pretty heels. If your pants has lighter colours, I suggest going for white runner. If you have black floral details go for vans for black chucks! 

Here is some inspo I found via Pinterest:

Floral pants can be used as a statement piece in your outfit while everything else can be minimalistic. I love the way some of the girls paired it with a leather jacket or a simple cardigan as a transition piece!
I found my pretty floral patterned pants on ASOS last year, however I linked some similar ones below:

Since the floral pants are the wow factor of the outfit, I suggest going simple with the accessories. I wore small pearl earrings and a basket bag to give it all the spring feels.

How do you like to style your floral pants? Comment below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!


5 Tips for Online Dating in 2019

I want to give a big salute to all my single girls out there; the ones who go to the gym, read a book, do DIYs, or have their side hustles and OWN being single! I’m not going to lie of course being single has its downs too, especially as you get older and see all the engagement photos on social media. What I have learned in the past little while after coming out of a four year relationship is how refreshing it is to focus on you and give that self love which we often forget! After giving some time to myself to enjoy the single life, I decided to join the online dating world. I decided to join Bumble as I liked the idea of not receiving messages after messages but placing in the control in my hands. After many different first dates (awkward, exciting, fun, terrible, boring) I still never gave up and instead learned from each date. I started to notice what’s really important to me before meeting someone in person. So I thought I would share my top 5 tips for online dating! Now of course these are just my opinion and what works for me may not work for you, but take these tips as advice rather than things you should be doing!
1. Be open minded: We all have our own taste and know what we are attracted to. However, personality is what’s going to win you over. So if you really like someone’s profile and think you two will be a good match, why not give them a chance?  Not saying you need to go on a date with them right away, but talk to them and see how the conversation goes! Sometimes the most unexpected people are the ones that we end up connecting with!

2. Get to know them: This relates back to the first point, just because you’re attracted to someone does not necessarily mean you guys will connected on an emotional level. Take your time and get to know them. I usually prefer to text someone for a week or so before committing to a date. This allows me to see what they are like texting on a day to day basis and let’s be real they need to have a solid meme/GIF game haha. Communication is very important to me and if the person takes 7-8 hours between every text can also be a sign of what they will be like in the future. However I could definitely be wrong as some people aren’t into texting and prefer phone calls, so also be open minded about that before coming to a conclusion.
3. Coffee Dates: There’s not thing worse than a long awkward-boring dinner date. I don’t know about you, but I often get nervous before first dates and don’t end up eating much (also because awkward silence scares me haha).That why, I really enjoy coffee dates, they don’t have to be long and it sets a casual vibe of getting to know someone. The casual setting also helps the nerves as you can sip on coffee/tea and even grab something small to eat. You can always let your date know ahead of time you have another commitment afterwards (as a way of ending the date early if needed).  It also nice to suggest going for a walk if the weather is nice!

4. Don’t make online dating your main focus: Focus on YOU and let that be a side thing. The more you focus on finding and swiping, the more disappointed you’ll become.  I used to set aside 10-15 minutes each night before bed to do the swiping and once I got home I timed myself again 10-15 minutes to message back/swipe more. If I was interested in someone and the conversation was flowing I would let them know that I prefer to text rather than going back and forth on the app. This way I wasn’t sitting there swiping for hours and focusing on whether a guy is going to message me back or not. This strategy also allowed me to be open to meeting people outside of the app as well.
5. Be honest and know what you want: Imagine you’re on this amazing date, everything is going well and he tells you he really enjoyed the date and wants to see you again. You continue to text and see him only to find out he wants something more casual. Then in your mind you want to convince yourself you’re okay with that or maybe he will change his mind. Here is the real truth: he WONT change his mind! So unless you are ALSO okay with having something casual you need to be honest with yourself and move on. This will allow others who want the same thing as you to come into your life. This also works vice versa, if you want something casual but the other person is looking for a relationship. Try and be honest in the beginning so you can skip the whole “ghosting” part.
Those are just some simple tips that really helped me handle online dating and yessss.. I met my current boyfriend through it! We went for a casual coffee date and he was going to help me fix up my website. I wasn’t nervous and thought it was so nice that we weren’t sitting there “interviewing” each other but getting to know one another through an activity.We also bonded over having side hustles (BONUS!).
However, as always these are just my opinion and you should follow whatever your heart desires!

Whats your one dating advice? Let me know in the comment below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!


Heart Patch Sweater

This heart patch sweater has been on my mind for almost a year now, so you can imagine my excitement when ChicWish reached out to me for a collaboration! I definitely can’t hold back my excitement and it shows in the pictures.
I don’t even know where to begin with this sweater, the softness of the material makes it feel like a pillow. To be honest, I was definitely not expecting that. I find most sweater that are a “statement”, they are often itchy. However  this one gives you all the holiday vibes with how cozy and comfy it is.
The heart patches are to die for and it would also be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I like that this heart patch sweater has more of a baggy style (I am wearing SM), because I can also wear it with leggings. I have linked it here. Did I mention that it also comes in grey and navy? The navy has to be a second favourite for me, specially with the contrast of the red and blue.
I paired my sweater with casual jeans and threw on red pumps to give it a city-chic look. You can easily wear that sweater with a black pleated skirt or even a pretty tulle skirt. A pair of gingham pants would also work!
This heart patch sweater is not just pretty and cozy, but it is also versatile and can be worn different ways!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!


How to Style A Pinafore Dress

Last year I wrote a blog post about how to style pinafore dresses different ways (It’s linked here). I wanted to do an *updated* look for this year! Sometimes I feel like a little girl wearing this dress, but I decided to challenge myself and give it a city chic vibe. If I could re-do some of the looks I would bring in more colour with the dress rather than the continuous black on black. With that said, I do like matching it with a turtleneck; blouse and a tee.
I paired my dress with a ruffle sleeve sweater. I love how the white brings out the details in the dress. The contrast of the two also gives it the classic black and white style.
I threw on a belt to accessorize it and give the dress some shape. Although I love the loose fitting style, because I am more petite, creating a waist make it look more put together and flattering. This would also be true for anyone with an hour glass or pear shaped body.  I completed the look by adding a pop of colour with my heels.
Although my dress is old from H&M they usually bring it back during winter months, so I will keep you updated! I have linked a similar one from Shein here.
This outfit has to be a favourite when styling my pinafore dress. For a more edgy vibe, I also like it with a bralette however I would add the belt again to give it more of a shape.
Whats your favourite way of dressing a pinafore dress?
Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!


Skirt and Over The Knee Boots

The weather during the fall/winter time makes it extra hard to care about going out or even trying to look put together. I often find myself “letting go” of doing my hair and make-up, followed by throwing on the same sweater and jeans when going out.
That’s why when I find an outfit that is going out “worthy”, I stick with it as long as I can! One item that has been a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe has to be knee high boots. I had purchased my dark grey ones two years ago and recently decided to get a black pair andddddd possibly a beige one (cant stop, wont stopppppp.. haha). They are so versatile and I love that they can be worn with dresses, jeans and skirts!
My favourite combination has to be with a skirt. It is perfect for dinner dates and going out, specially when paired with a pretty blouse and panty hoes. I have linked my knee high boots here.
They are so affordable and the grey ones have lasted me over 2 years now. I highly suggest spraying them with protective spray if you want the suede to last. I spray mine every time I go out!
As for the skirt, the best option would be to see what colour knee highs you have and match your skirt to it, try and go for neutrals (grey, black, white, navy, browns) because they are the easiest to style! However, having said that, if you’re looking for a statement piece I suggest going for a burgundy skirt and beige knee high boots. The skirt can be flared or mini, just make sure there’s a bit of skin between the boots and the skirt to give the illusion of being taller.  I have linked some of my favourite skirts that I have purchased here (the one I’m wearing fits more like an XS, so so make sure to size up!):

Knee high boots and skirts can easily be styled with a turtleneck, wrap top, blouse, or a bodysuit!
So many looks, so little time and that’s why it this combination is my go-to whenever I have an event on the weekends (from brunch to dinner dates to bar nights with the girls).

What is your go-to winter item? Comment below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!


Love For Plaid

I have to say, I love all the 70’s vibes I’m seeing for this season! Give me all the plaid in the world, especially the grandpa kind! Let’s not forget the most iconic moments of my childhood also included plaid : That 70’s Show, Clueless and Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time!
Plaid can be worn in so many different ways..skirt, pants, top or even as a statement piece like a vest or boots! I was particularly drawn to these pants because of the pretty little ruffle details on the pocket. It was love at first sight!
I love that pattern reflects all the fall colours, making it easy to style. I have worn these pants to work, dinner dates and events! I paired it with a mustard sweater for work and threw on a burgundy bag as my statement piece. For events I paired it with a white top and as for date night I threw on a sexy cami!

I kept the nude booties with each of the outfits and used the purse as a statement piece. I love how versatile these pants are and pairing them with anything mustard is easy and always a BIG yes! I have linked everything below, however the pants are a bit of a different colour.

Also, if you’re looking for a cute little place to go visit as the leaves change colour, definitely take a road trip to Niagara on the lake! I can’t express how beautiful it is there during this time of the year!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about style!