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Give this girl a bow and she’ll take on the world! Seriously though, can we talk about the bow details on this sweater and how beautiful it is? I know many of us, including me have not gotten dressed up in ages……………

This year has thrown us for a curve none of us saw coming, 2020 will definitely go down as the year of change, growth, and a whole new reality. I know personally for me it was a big transition as I enjoy socializing with friends and family. Although the first couple of weeks were hard trying to adjust to staying home, especially with all my family members being at home too. I learned to cope through learning new hobbies. As seen on social media, many of us got into cooking,

So I thought what better way than to share some fashion related DIYs that can easily be done with items you already have or can easily be purchased from Walmart (of course I recommend purchasing it when you’re there for other necessities).
So let’s get to it! Here are 6 fashion DIYs that can easily be done at home….

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