Year Of Accessorizing

Happy New Year Beautiful Souls!

Wohoo we have made it to the promising year of 2017 and now it’s almost February (where does the time go?!). This year I decided I’m going to focus on accessorizing my outfits in order to save money. You can always dress up an old outfit or get into a new trend by accessorizing. An example would be instead of buying a new velvet top, you can buy a simple velvet choker to accent your look.

So I decided to make a post about my favourite places to purchase rings that are affordable but will also last (I hate it when rings tarnish and turn my fingers green).


H&M: I love H&M dainty rings. They also have statement rings that are perfect for a night out. I’ve link some here and here.

*H&M rings are made out of cheap material, so I protect them by using clear nail polish. I linked the one I use here. After purchasing the rings, I coat them with clear nail polish and let it dry. Then repeat with the other side (don’t forget, the INSIDE of the ring is also important or else your fingers will still turn green). I promise you this will keep your rings from tarnishing and lasts for a good couple of months, maybe even a year if you take good care of them!

Aldo: I loveee that Aldo has a 14K/Silver Plated collection now! Yes it is a bit more expensive but paying the extra money guarantees that your rings will stay in good condition for year onward. The rings also come with a little pouch to make sure they stay in good condition! Aldo is always having sales as well so check frequently and you won’t have to pay full price! I linked some here and here.

Accessorize: Although this store is mainly in Europe, I love their accessories! Similar to Aldo they have a line of 14K rings and I bought one when I travelled to Italy 2 years ago and it still shines like the first day. They also have amazing sales. I linked some of my favourite ones here and here.

Ardene: Ardene is my favourite boho-chic-festival vibe accessories store. This will be perfect for the summer time. They have a ton of boho style rings and they also have a “glam” section with sparkly rings and bracelets (linked here). Although you have to make sure to protect them using clear nail polish (same process as the H&M ones).

Swarovski: This will be the more expensive place, however if you’re willing to splurge a little, Swarovski can come a long way. If you’re looking for a statement ring or something different, that’s your place! I have purchased a few rings for my mom from there and they are so beautiful and sparkly.  I linked some that are on sale here, here and here.

Do you know any other shops that sell affordable yet good quality rings? Let me know in the comments below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!



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Gifts That Give Back

I love how the holidays remind me of love, happiness and a time to give back. The decorations, the gift giving, the hot chocolate, the snow ball fights…I love it all! I decided to create a gift guide of items that give back to a charity.

What better gift than one that gives back! Look below for all the details.


  1. Dogeared has partnered with Penh Lenh, a Cambodia-based organization that works to empower women with professional skills and help them create independent, bright futures for themselves. When you purchase any of their items, Dogeared will donate 100% of the net profits to Penh Lenh’s Hope for Justice Cambodia Programming. I love how beautiful this necklace is and for only $44 it’s a steal!

2.Black Jaguar White Tiger is a foundation that rescues as many animals in need from sad circumstances like circuses, breeding facilities (Both legal and illegal) and from people that have them as pets, providing them with a home, the best food and medical care available, and a life of dignity and love for the rest of their lives. Their clothing line gives back to the charity while you show your support! If you are not familiar with this foundation look them up on Instagram and Facebook, their daily videos will make your heart melt!

3.The Giving Keys, this one is one of my favourite gift items. Last year I gave each of my best friends a Giving Key necklace. The Giving Keys uses old keys and engraves inspirational words. The company hires people who are in transition out of homelessness. So each key support a staff who is homeless. In addition, they also encourage you to pass on your key when you believe in your heart the key has done it magic for you. It can’t get more sentimental than that!

4.Make A WishCan you believe that’s a greeting card? How beautiful! The card (they have a ton more online!) is from Make A Wish Canada . Each card features a beautiful holiday scene created by a Canadian artist. Proceeds go to Make-A-Wish, an organization that creates magical memories for kids with life-threatening conditions.

5.Me to WeEvery purchase gives a life-changing gift to a child or family in WE Charity’s partner communities, from school supplies to health care to alternative income opportunities and more. And thanks to our Track Your Impact tool, you get a close-up look at where your gift was delivered and how it transforms a life (how awesome is that?!) I also love how dainty and pretty their bracelets are!

  1. Diff Eye Wear, for every pair of sunglasses sold they will donate a pair of reading glasses. The company has partnered with a woman named Sherry Grigsby, founder of Eyes on Africa, with the intention to provide eyeglasses to people in need. Eyes on Africa is a charitable non-profit organization, that provides eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care. It also helps that their sunglasses are super cute!

7.Yoga Design Lab creates beautiful yoga towels that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The company donates $1 from every purchase to Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need.

8.Sorry, did you say a wine that gives back?!? This must be heaven! When you purchase a bottle of wine or any other product from OneHope they donate to their partnered charities!! LOVE this idea!

9.Kind Campaign is a campaign that focuses on kindness to help end female to female bullying by hosting assemblies at schools. If you haven’t heard about this campaign I highly suggest watching their documentary (trailer is on Youtube). Although they don’t have that specific t shirt anymore, they have other t shirts and items that you can purchase to help donate to this great cause!

10.Serioulsy, how cute is this doll? I was thinking of ordering one for myself (yes I still enjoy hugging stuffed dolls haha). First, each doll comes with 10 tokens for children to give out as acts of kindness. Each token is imprinted with “Pay it forward” to lift spirits and encourage recipients to commit their own act of kindness. Each doll sold, The Doll Kind will donate a doll to a less fortunate child. Donation sites include orphanages, hospitals, shelters, and more throughout the United States and across the world. I cant imagine a more perfect gift for a little girl (or an adult who is like me haha).

I really hope you enjoyed looking through this list and it has helped you think about purchasing a gift that gives back.  Is there another item you have bought that helps out a charity? Comment below!





No Heat Curls

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me how to create curls without using any heat! I tried it once and I was hooked. I especially love how I can twist my hair, go to bed and wake up with perfect curls for work!

Follow this link to see the video and here is the step by step:

  1. Towel dry your hair, then let it air dry for 10-15 minutes. If your hair is too wet it will NOT work (If you don’t have time to air dry it, then blast it with blow dry for 10 seconds).
  2. Split your hair at the back and then into 2 sections on each side.
  3. Start twisting your hair away from your face. Twist is as hard as you can. Then use a hair tie and a clip to keep it away from your face while you do the other section.
  4. Take the first section and second section and twist them into each other, however make sure you are twisting it AWAY from your face.
  5. Continue by doing the other side of your head.
  6. Either sleep on your hair, or let it dry for at least an hour.
  7. When you undo your hair it may still be wet, but after a few minutes as it dries the curls will become more bouncy.
  8. Hair spray your hair and tease it at the top if needed!

Tadaaaa!!! There you have it 8 easy steps to save you time and prevent your hair from getting damaged while having curls that look like you’ve used a curling iron!

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Always Remember: It’s not about brand, it’s about how you style it!




Cozy Sweaters Under $50

I have to say, I’m a sucker when it comes to cozy knits. I often have a hard time finding sweaters that aren’t too baggy or too long (I have a 12 year old girl’s body haha). So I go crazy when I find a sweater that fits and is affordable!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

I linked 5 affordable ($40 or less!) sweaters below that are perfect for petite and regular size.

sweater 2.jpg

1. Marble love: I love the pattern of this sweater; it is also perfect for layering since it’s more cropped.

2. Cable Knits: I love a chunky cable knit sweater, second one linked  here

3.Off the shoulder: Love this cozy sweater and the off shoulder detail is to die for!

4.Lace it up: Love this sweat shirt with the lace detailing


What stores are your go-to for cozy knits? 

Let me in know in the comments section below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, its about how you style it!





The Essential Fall Coat

As mentioned in my last post, a camel coloured coat is a must have for fall. It can be worn with any outfit for a chic and classy look.  This week I wore mine over a pretty green dress.

I bought the dress a month ago from H & M and not only is it comfortable but it’s also feminine with the pretty ruffle details! Although they still have a few sizes left in stores, nothing seems to be popping up online. So I tagged a similar one here (only $15!) and another one here ($60) or this lace up one ($40).

img_0279img_0290Processed with VSCO with c8 presetfullsizerender-49img_0281img_0291

Old Navy and Urban Planet both have camel coloured coat at a reasonable price (I can’t seem to find a link online) so I linked a shorter version from Old Navy here

Is there another fall essential you’d like to a blog post on? Let me know in the comments below!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, its about how you style it!





Statement Clutch

I love accessories with details that can take any outfit from ordinary to street-style-chic. When I saw this purse at Winners, I instantly fell in love. Then came in the price… the original ticketed price on the bag shows $150 however winners had it for $50 on sale for $23! I couldn’t believe it, only at Winners would this ever happen, haha.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I love how the clutch complements a casual outfit and can be paired with a little black dress for a fancier style.


Although Winners doesn’t have online shopping (grrr..) I picked some affordable and chic clutches that can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up!


  1. Metallic City Chic –I am in love with the metallic details! [$35]
  2. Fringe Love– The fringe details on this bag will complement any outfit and it’s on sale! [$14]
  3. Silver Goddess– Another chic metallic clutch. [$50]
  4. Blush Flowers– The pretty flower textures on this purse are to die for and the colour is right on point! [$43]
  5. Rhinestone Love– This clutch is very similar to the one I have! [$56]
  6. Velvet Glamour–  How glam is this purse?! The velvet detailing makes it so chic and it can be accessorized with any outfit as a pop of colour. The price is also just as fab! [$35]

Do you own a fabulous statement clutch or are you thinking of buying one? I would love to see how you styled! Tag me using the hastag #StyleNotBrand

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, its about how you style it!






5 Trendy Fall Essentials

Fashion is ever changing and that means every season there is always something new in style. I try not to jump right into a trend as it could only last a season. I use Pinterest and Instagram to see how it is styled and use it as inspiration.

This season I decided to invest (by invest I mean less than $60!) in 5 trendy pieces.


1.Camel coat: This coat will forever change your life! It can be worn with casual outfits or dressed up with heels. I found one from H&M . This one is for $80 dollars but I have found a few from Winners and Marshalls that go for $50-$60. Keep looking until you find one that fits your body best (pay close attention to the length and the fit).

2.Felt hat: If you haven’t purchased one, you need to do so! Felt hats will take any outfit from casual to street-style-chic. I love how they come in many different styles to match any face shape. If you’re up for the challenge head to the nearest Marshalls or Winners. They have an entire collection of them with great prices. If you already know what works best for you, here are some affordable options from Forever 21

3.Velvet : A new trend that has been around since last winter. This year I am starting to see it everywhere! I think velvet looks so luxurious when it is worn as a top or a dress. I bought a beautiful velvet body suit from one of my favourite stores Urban Planet for only $12! If you’re afraid of really jumping into this trend, a velvet choker will also do!

4.Metallic: Yes this is a trend and yes I am in love! I have been looking around for a metallic cami to wear under my see-through sweaters(still no luck!). I have also ordered chrome nailpolish from aliexpress  (I will write a review once I get it!). So whether your personality is bold enough for metallic pants or you rather have a hint of it under your sweater be sure to include it in your fall/winter wardrobe!

5.Over The Knee Boots: So I have to admit I was on the fence about this trend, especially because I am short. But, after seeing it continuously be a trend for two years in a row, I decided to purchase a pair. Here is an affordable option from Urban Planet 

I would love to see how you would style these fall essentials. Tag me in your posts using #StyleNotBrand

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, its about how you style it!





1 Choker:5 Ways

I have been looking everywhere for a statement choker for fall and the glittery holiday season… and TA DAAAA! Here we have it:


The most gorgeous choker I have ever seen and for only $7 dollars!! (I had to double check at the cash just to make sure! hahah). I have linked it here.

After purchasing it, I decided this wasn’t just going to be a choker because it’s way too beautiful. It is going to be a belt, a headband, a bracelet, and a hat accessory!

This is how I styled the choker 5 different ways:

Processed with Snapseed.I wore it as a choker with a simple black top, layering it differently than in the picture.

Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.The choker has long strings, so I  wrapped the it around my skirt as a belt. You can do this with almost any skirt!

Processed with Snapseed.img_6913I wore it as a headband. This look is perfect for date night!

Processed with Snapseed.I let the choker fall loosly on my neck and then tied it as a necklace. I tied it into a bow and left the extra strings to hang out in the back. You can also tuck the extra strings into your shirt so it doesn’t show.

Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.I also wrapped it around my hat to make it more glamorous!

Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.This has to be my favourite way to style this choker! I love it as a bracelet, its so chic when it is worn on top of sleeves. I had to get some extra help for this one! Ask someone to help you wrap it around and then tie it in a bow. This is the perfect way to make a statement with your accessories.

I would love to see how you would style this choker. Tag me in your posts using #stylenotbrand!

Always Remember: It’s not about brand, its about how you style it!




Outfit Of the Week

I have to admit, my favourite thing about Fall is layering. It’s fun to mix and match patterns and fabrics to create new looks from my summer clothes.  I also love throwing on a felt hat whenever I can, it makes any outfit so chic. This outfit is one of my favourites so far.

Belt: H&M(old), I’ve linked one that’s on sale here ($6.99!); However, you can find belts at Urban Planet or Old Navy too!

Booties: $40 Urban Planet

Bag: H&M(old), but I linked a similar one here

Scarf:Forever 21(old) linked a similar one here; Marshalls, H&M, Urban Planet & Forever 21 have THE BEST scarf selection!

Hat: H&M (old) linked a similar one here 


I would love to see how you layer up for fall! Tag me #StyleNotBrand


With Love,






Summer To Fall

The leaves are starting to change colours, the mornings are cold, mid day is scorching hot and it’s our favourite time to cozy up! Autumn also means wearing darker colours and layering. However, this does not mean you should be putting away your summer clothes.. at least not yet!

I have listed and linked 4 items that can take any summer outfit into fall.


  1. Blazer: Your best friend during fall
  2. Denim Vest: The denim will keep you warm and stylish!
  3. Scarf: Keep yourself warm during the cold mornings and chilly nights and you can always take it off if it gets too hot mid day
  4. Booties(click on the colour for the link): black , brown, leather, suede whatever you style may be throw them on and you’re “autumn ready”

Here is how I styled my outfits from summer to fall:

dressWear your dresses with a scarf and booties to keep you warm and fall ready. The scarf can also be used to go over your shoulder if it gets a little too chilly.

romperThrow on a denim vest over your romper and it will keep you warm and the booties will give you the perfect fall vibe.

shortsPair your jean shorts and tees with booties and a blazer for a city chic look.

What other ways do you like to dress up your summer clothes? Leave a comment below!

With Love,